Southern Lifestyle Development

Our roots were planted two decades ago in the Village of River Ranch in Lafayette, La. What started as a soybean field grew into one of the top 20 most successful traditional neighborhood developments in the country. River Ranch brings together the best of commercial and residential space, placing homes and parks near carefully selected merchants. The town center is a social hub and features dozens of events each year from live music to art shows to weddings.

Over the years, Southern Lifestyle Development has branched out. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in building traditional neighborhood developments and applied it to improving our conventional neighborhoods as well, because we believe everyone should enjoy an exceptional quality of life. We know that your home is your family’s most important investment, and we strive to ensure that value is preserved over time for future generations.


Traditional Neighborhoods

A traditional neighborhood development (TND) is a thoughtfully-designed neighborhood that encourages a strong sense of community by providing shared neighborhood amenities and a variety of housing types and land uses. A TND is served by a network of paths, streets, and lanes suitable for pedestrians as well as vehicles. The pedestrian-focused design provides residents the option of walking, biking or driving to places within their neighborhood.


Conventional Neighborhoods

Conventional neighborhoods are thoughtfully-designed neighborhoods that contain primarily single-family homes and shared neighborhood amenities such as pools, parks and walking trails. Our conventional neighborhoods are built to foster the growth of the community by encouraging a strong partnership between the residents and the HOA.