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The Office Towers

The premier location for commercial real estate in Lafayette, Louisiana, the five Office Towers offer exceptional design and highly competitive commercial and professional options. Our real estate team includes experienced professionals from all property related disciplines. Working together with your representative we can find the ideal solution for your professional or retail needs quickly and cost effectively.

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A lifestyle center with a residential feel, MainStreet at River Ranch offers restaurants and a variety of stores along an outdoor pedestrian street. An urban plaza with a large inviting fountain provides a central gathering place and seating area for diners, shoppers and residents of Main Street's City Lofts, condominiums and apartments.

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Retail Shopping at MainStreet

Retail shopping at MainStreet features the following attractions: Apparel and accessories, kitchen items, health and beauty, furniture and accessories for the kids, crafts, outdoor items, eye wear, specialty foods, business shipping and services and home decor. MainStreet also offers casual dining, a wine bar and a tap room with beer from around the world.

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Southern Lifestyle Development ("SLD") was formed out of a desire by its principals to change the way real estate should be developed. Its primary mission is to build communities that celebrate lifestyle by introducing components that elevate ones quality of life. Its inaugural entry into the world of real estate development is the Nationally acclaimed Village of River Ranch, one of the most well- known and successful smart growth communities in the Nation. Building on the success of River Ranch, SLD is currently developing several smart growth, mixed-use communities throughout the State of Louisiana. Recognizing that mixed use elements could not always be incorporated into certain sites, SLD began developing more conventional communities that nonetheless incorporate lifestyle elements such as walkability, recreational features and parks and open spaces; communities that change the way people live.

SLD was formed by Robert Daigle, Rodney Savoy and Robert Gagnard, the original developers of The Village of River Ranch. Currently, SLD has seventeen communities under various stages of development throughout the State of Louisiana.

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